Thursday, June 25, 2009

We are still here in Colorado!!

Not to much going on here in Colorado we are all doing fine just still waiting on a date!!
We are so ready to go!!
Brianna is doing much better since her sick spell last week I just hate it when she is sick!
I am doing pretty good just have not caught up on my sleep from Bri begin sick.
Stephaine is here for the summer she is enjoying Colorado she went camping last week with her Aunt and Uncle and Family.
The family is doing well in Ohio they are patiently waiting us as well. Grandpa is going to Cowboy Round Up on Friday I will post some pics when I get them.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Still in Colorado

Hello Greatings From Colorado !

Yes we are still here waiting for our date to get to go home to our new house! Our apartment seems so small after a week in our house.

Steph is with us for the summer which she is enjoying the view always taking a picture of something she is a big help with Brianna . She got her military Id yesterday !

Just thought I would keep everyone posted on what is going on with us . Still waiting!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just another day

Nothing really new to talk about just that John had his last physical today!
So we are just waiting now! We are hoping to be home mid June we have started packing a little every couple days our biggest hurdle is our storage.
Our apartment the army will pack up they will not go to storage and pack that. I am excited that we are going home the only thing I dread is my monster in law she always has some kind of life threating drama going on!
Or she pist that Brianna or Stephaine are getting more attention than Preston. It's always something!! She loves to bad mouth me and one of these days I will tell her where to go I will be just as nasty as she is.
Well I am going to check my email and then Brianna and I are going to clean her room... Looks like a toy store had explosion!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

No more bottle

My baby is growing up.. Its been over a week and she has not had a bottle. She is using a sippy cup only .. No bottles what so ever in our house!
She is growing up so fast the things she says or does. We are working on getting a bedtime routine and potty training is in the works. I am hoping to have her potty trained and out of the diapers by her second birthday. Maybe I am just wishful thinking but it can't hurt to try. I am looking forward to moving in our new house where she has more room to play and can go out in the back yard and play. She loves to be outside. She is entering the terrible twos that is for sure .

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

waiting on Daddy


Well its snowing outside and cold as hell outside. We took Brianna to see the Easter Bunny yesterday and she did not like him at all. We are going to Ohio on April 13th and staying until April 25th so Grandpa caregiver can go to her stna classes its either I go home and take care of him or he has to go to daycare and that really upset him the fact of having to go to daycare so Brianna and I are going to go home which is okay because we can go and pick out some stuff for our new house and pick out some paint to get rid of the hillbilly blue that is in there. Well I better go check on Brianna she is begin quite and that usually means she is doing something that she should not be doing.